Liberals to Appear at 9.12 Tea Parties and Burn Confederate Flags

Apparently they think that Tea Partiers are racist, and therefore are big fans of the Confederacy.

The event’s ringmaster giving his pitch, via the DC Trawler:

Well, I’m not going to stand for it. The flag means too much to me as both a Confederate-American and a teabagging patriot. It’s a symbol for all we hold dear: the right of a state to allow men to own other men, the right to apportion water fountains according to skin tone, the right to spread the word that being darkly hued is an act of subversion, and the right to point out that Obama is an African, just like all those black people.

I’ve put up a banner for a group that is holding a “Burn the Confederate Flag Day” on that most holy of Teabagging days, September 12. I’m going to keep it up, so you can join (websiteFacebook) and hopefully disrupt the event.

Because behind the old people in lawn chairs singing “God Bless America” are really violent racists.

-Cole Campbell

8 thoughts on “Liberals to Appear at 9.12 Tea Parties and Burn Confederate Flags

  1. As long as they don’t use tax dollars to do it, they can burn all the confederate flags they want for all I care. Might cause global warming though.

    Good Lord the left doesn’t understand us! And I don’t very much that they care to.

  2. Hasn’t the Left figured out yet that calling us racists isn’t getting them anywhere.They’re running out of stuff to acuse us of.They’re just wasting matches burning those flags,we’re fighting for our rights.

  3. god bless all you do 4 our country thanks….C.E.O. HARRIS HUTCHINS

  4. There really isn’t much sense at all. The reasoning is Tea Party go-ers are racist and burning confederate flags will get us mad because we promote slavery or something.

  5. Explain the sense of this… I don’t get it.

  6. A few of us might shake our heads at such antics, but it certainly won’t raise the reaction they seem to want. The ignorance of the Left about the people on the Right is rather amazing to behold.

    I guess I need to pass that on to my Ugandan daughter that they think we think being ‘darkly hued’ is subversive. I’m still trying to convince her and my Chinese wife that I must be a racist, but they remain unconvinced.

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