“The Andrew I Knew” – Dr. Gina on Breitbart

Dr. Gina Loudon, mother of Tea Party Youth founder Lyda Loudon, writes in memory of conservative gladiator Andrew Breitbart:

He took time to mentor my daughter as she struggled to launch the first national “Tea Party Youth” movement.  He always took her calls, he always moved away from reporters to greet her and discuss her ideas in concerns.  Her text to me this morning (as I am out of town) read, “Mama, IDK what to say.  Can’t even look at the news because I don’t wanna hear anyone talk about it…”.  She feels without ballast.  We all do.

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One thought on ““The Andrew I Knew” – Dr. Gina on Breitbart

  1. I’ve been playing and replaying his interview with Armstrong Williams, wanting to keep hearing his voice, wanting to continue to feel he is here with us, giving us hope that we can overcome the darkness of this time. He knew what was at stake and he did not shirk from the battle. I will never admire any person more.

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