Moving Forward

Election night was a dark one for America. It was the night that lit the path of destruction down which we will be walking for the next four years. As a nation, despite some of our better intentions, we  defeated forces of both good and of evil. We fought long and hard alongside many patriots to elect candidates who genuinely loved and wanted to help America. Many of us poured our lives into this election. To those of you patriots who did so, thank you.

There is significant proof that insurmountable amounts of fraud took place. We may never know what happened because too many people are unconcerned with the ethicality of their countrymen, but nevertheless, we must bravely tread forward, fearlessly doing all we can to restore and defend our country.

We know that the coming four years will bring severe challenges and struggle for our great nation. We cannot depend on our government to keep us afloat and moving, we can only depend on ourselves. We are now our last best hope. Now, more than ever, we need to rise together as a nation to overcome evil, sustain our economy, and prevail as a whole.

Stand strong.

One thought on “Moving Forward

  1. On a brighter note: did you know you can take an old Romney/Ryan yard sign, turn it inside out, and put sticky-letters on it and produce your own JOIN LOCAL TEA PARTY yard sign for under $2.38?

    From an old political warhorse to young Tea Party members: there is nothing more politically powerful than a Tea Party yard sign stuck at a busy intersection* to grow and network other Tea Party organizations within your Congressional district.

    ex animo
    *Check your county ordinances before posting your yard sign on public sebacks

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